My name is Manuela. I am so happy you are here. My label Wool Craft was founded in 2017 after vacationing at a lovely Bed and Breakfast outside of Cape Town. The place was decorated with the most lush and beautiful felt throws and cushions. I immediately fell in love. And so, I decided to bring them to Singapore, my home. You can find Wool Craft at selected markets and trade shows.

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Interior decorating has always been a passion of mine. It never seizes to amaze me how much the harmony of a room is changed just by adding one or two pieces. I like to play around with different colors, patterns and materials to create a warm, welcoming place: a home. Over the years I’ve learnt that what truly makes a home are all the small, special, lovingly selected and often individual pieces: all the unexpected, handmade, personal touches that hold true value.
Wool Craft is all about such touches. The throws and pillows are lovingly designed by the talented Stephanie Bentum. All the products are created from luxurious South African Merino lambswool and Angora Mohair and are handmade by a small team of local felters. The products are dyed in earthy shades using environmentally safe imported German dyes. I love that each throw and each pillow has an individuality and its very own story.
And I am beyond joyous to share all their stories with you.